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Magic 2015 Promos

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

If you missed our earlier article today where we covered off the new Garruk, Apex Predator planeswalker card and other Magic 2015 core set previews, wander on back here.   In this post, we want to cover off all the Magic: the Gathering promo cards for the various events for this core set, so let's go -

JULY 12-13, 2014 MAGIC 2015 PRERELEASE
Prereleases provide you with the earliest possible opportunity to play with the newest cards in Magic.  For more info, visit this page on the mothersite.  Prerelease packs are returning again for this event.  Each Prerelease Pack will include the following:
• 5 Magic 2015 Core Set Booster Packs
• 1 Magic 2015 Core Set Seeded Booster Pack
• 1 premium promo card (five colours available)
• 1 activity insert
• 1 Spindown life counter
• 1 oversized Garruk Challenge Card
• 3 Wolf tokens

The five Prerelease promos are
• WHITE - Resolute Archangel 
• BLUE - Mercurial Pretender 
• BLACK - Indulgent Tormentor 
• RED - Siege Dragon
• GREEN - Phytotitan

JULY 18 2014 MAGIC 2015 LAUNCH

The set is hitting store shelves.  Attend the special Friday Night Magic event and you could score this Launch Promo -

In Garruks' Wake

AUGUST 9-10, 2014MAGIC 2015 GAME DAY
See how you match up against your local community, earn prizes, and become a champion in this unique day of competition taking place all around the world!  For more information, click on over here.

Participation card - Reclamation Sage
Top 8 promo - Chief Engineer
Game Day winner- playmat

That's not all - 
Many Game Stores run organised tournaments or 'league events'.  Find a local store here and ask.  The League promo card is this lovely Squid Token, which is generated by the M15 card Coral Barrier.

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