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Magic 2015 Packaging

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Before we get into more Magic 2015 core set spoilers and previews, we wanted to get to some housekeeping and get posted some 4.1.1. on some of the M15 product offerings and packaging.  These posts are always of interest as we get a glimpse of some yet unknown card illustration - sometimes it pretty obvious (in the case of perhaps a Planeswalker) and sometimes not so much.  Be sure to catch up with the latest M15 spoilers and previews over here on the Spoiler List Page which is now at 160 of 269 cards revealed.

Anwywhoos, here's the product packaging pics - and remember, if can easily upgrade most any product into a fine gaming weapon with additional singles from MTG Mint Card.

Magic 2015 Core Set Fat Pack
• 9 Magic 2015 booster packs,
• 1 card box,
• 1 player’s guide,
• 1 80-card land pack,
• 1 learn-to-play insert,
• 1 Spindown™ life counter,
• 2 deck boxes

Magic 2015 Booster Packs
Each booster pack should contain
• 1 marketing card,
• 1 basic land,
• 10 commons,
• 3 uncommons and
• 1 rare 

Each Booster Box will contain 36 booster packs.
Approximately 1 in 8 packs will have the rare replaced by a mythic rare

Magic 2015 Sample Decks
There are Five different decks 30 cards per pack, typically with 13 lands, 10 or 11 creatures and 6 or 7 other spells. 
These are typically handed out as swag, at conventions or by local gaming stores to introduce new players to the game.  Decklists are here.


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