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The More Things Change

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

While we here at MTG Realm are busily looking forward to brewing up new decklists to welcome the latest Magic the Gathering set into standard, we want to take a breather and have a closer look at Born of the Gods.  What for?  The other evening as all the new cards were scattered around the table we thought we had a déjà vu experience.  Indeed we did, as we had just come across a reprinted card.  Today's post will go over some reprinted cards as well as some pretty close lookalikes.  Let's go . . .
 Revoke Existence from Scars of Mirrodin.
Allen Williams / Adam Paquette

Divination from Magic 2010, previously seen in Magic 2014.
Howard Lyon / William Murai
Eternity Snare was last printed in Time Spiral.
Drew Tucker / Min Yum
 Necrobite recently seen in Avacyn Restored.
Nils Hamm / Igor Kieryluk

Springleaf Drum was last seen in Lorwyn. 
Cyril Van Der Haegen / Seb Mackinnon

We have to admit that we are digg'n each of the new refreshed arts.  Onto something else - not reprints but functional reprints where it is essentially the same card but updated creature type or name to better fit within the new set's theme or storyline.  If you so happen to have a constructed deck whose strategy is critical to drawing into one of these functional reprints, then you've just doubled your chances.   :)

 Great Hart = Pillarfield Ox

 Reckless Reveler = Torch Fiend
Unravel the Aether = Deglamer

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