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BNG Bulk Card Lot

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We had unfortunately missed last week's Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario which was the official launch of the latest set Magic: the Gathering set, Born of the Gods.  We did however make it out last evening's event and did place in Top 8 again (field of just under 30 players) with a white weenie (humans splashing black for Xathrid Necromancer to produce zombies).  We did not include any new BNG cards in the mix but hope to tweak the decklist for next week now that we have finally gotten around to organise all the new cards.

In less than two days, we had our bulk card order shipped from MTG Mint Card in Hong Kong and on our door step here in Central Ontario (about an hour north of Toronto) - and in fact, because we were rather busy with work, it took us longer to sort the collection than it took to deliver it.  For only $28.99 (price subject to change), you get a deckset (or book set) of 4 of each of the 60 uncommons and 60 commons in this set for a total of 480 cards - not bad at all.

Our collection is essentially organized by rarity and colour.  Mythic Rares, Rares and Uncommons all go into binders and Commons get sorted into Fat Pack boxes as shown below in out pictorial documentary.


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