oldmansaverio asked: Don't you think it's odd that Starcity games changed their prices on Bitterblossom a week before the ban? Also, at what price do you think Bitterblossom will stabilize?

Indeed - a very good question.
Yeah - about that.  It wasn’t just Starcity Games but rather every retailer who was ‘on top of their game’ as it were.  The price basically doubled just about everywhere, including MTGO and / or sold out on pure speculation.
Players have been questioning whether Bitterblossom still needed to be under the ban-hammer given an environment which contains the likes of answers such as Abrupt Decay, Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek or other similar cards almost equal in power such as Lingering Souls.
In short, the smart play for speculators or retailers was to adapt before they took a hit.
As for where BB prices will finally land depends upon how Modern format lists evolve and whether the lists running BB are successful.  I’m thinking anywhere from $100 to $115 - BUT - should my speculation that Bitterblossom gets a reprint in the May 2014 Modern Event Deck, it should drop another $10 to $20.
Break out that cyrstal ball buddy and give it a rub.