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Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

 We hope all had a good weekend and had a time to reflect during Remembrance / Veterans Day.  Speaking of remembering - we wanted to follow up on our little trip down memory land we first started in this article last week.   
In February 1999, the original members of MTG Realm hit up a games store and picked up two theme decks from Urza's Legacy.    Yours truly (CopySix) picked up the Green / White 'Crusher' and RetroTech picked up the Blue / White Radiant's Revenge Theme deck - RTech is thinking she would like to reassemble this deck again (as some cards had been traded away), so we'll pick up some singles over at MTG Mint Card.  Anywhoos - Let's have a peek at Radiant's revenge.

“Before Urza can complete the famed ship Weatherlight, the planeswalker must face the new ruler of Serra's realm, an archangel hell-bent on revenge. "Radiant's Revenge" is a time bomb that explodes with artifact and opportunity spells.”

Radiant's Revenge  Decklist

Lands : 1 Drifting Meadow, 12 Island, 11 Plains
2 Remote Isle

Creatures : 1 Fog Bank, 1 Mobile Fort, 1 Mother of Runes, 1 Radiant's Dragoons, 1 Raven Familiar, 2 Sanctum Custodian, 2 Sustainer of the Realm, 1 Thornwind Faeries, 2 Ticking Gnomes, 2 Vigilant Drake

Enchantments : 2 Opal Champion, 1 Pacifism

Instants : 1 Catalog, 1 Erase, 1 Disenchant, 2 Miscalculation, 2 Opportunity, 1 Power Sink, 3 Radiant's Judgment

Sorceries : 2 Path of Peace

Artifacts : 2 Dragon Blood, 1 Ring of Gix, 1 Urza's Blueprints

As we indicated in our previous post on these theme decks - dang they sucked hard but we loved theme.  The 2 rares in this deck are Ring of Gix and Urza's Blueprints.  During all the games we had, the MVC had to be Mother of Runes.  The Ring was OK and Urza's Blueprints would be better perhaps in an EDH build.  These theme decks were good but really only for the kitchen table unless you made a major overhaul where one would have a slim chance at a games store with it.


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