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MTG Crusher

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

A very, very long time ago (in late February, 1999), the founding members of MTG Realm trudged through deep snow and braved cold winds to pick up our very first Magic: the Gathering cards.  Yours truly (CopySix) picked up the Green / White 'Crusher' and RetroTech picked up the Blue / White Radiant's Revenge Theme deck from the most recently released set, Urza's Legacy.

Here's trip down memory lane and a run down of 'Crusher' - 
Before Urza can complete the Legacy and build the famed ship Weatherlight, the planeswalker must overcome some large obstacles: hulking worms and treefolk. They're big, they're bad, and they're worth the wait. Once you bring them out, "Crusher" is bound to leave your opponents hurting.

Sealed pre-constructed theme deck of 60 cards is from the Urza's Legacy Pre-Constructed Theme Deck Box.  There are a whopping TWO rares in this theme deck.  This deck contains:

4    Plains
17    Forest
3    Drifting Meadow
1    Argothian Swine
2    Cradle Guard
1    Crosswinds
1    Defense of the Heart (R)
1    Disenchant
1    Elvish Herder
1    Erase
1    Gaea's Bounty
1    Gaea's Embrace
1    Gang of Elk
2    Humble
1    Lone Wolf
2    Mother of Runes
2    Pacifism
1    Radiant's Judgment
1    Rancor
1    Silk Net
3    Simian Grunts
1    Symbiosis
1    Ticking Gnomes
1    Treetop Village
1    Weatherseed Treefolk (R)
1    Wing Snare
2    Yavimaya Granger
2    Yavimaya Scion
3    Yavimaya Wurm

The deck really did completely suck rancid lemons when gaming against almost everyone else we played but we still loved it and it is still mostly all together even today.  The very first modification we made was making this deck mono-green and adding a few Titania's Chosen into the mix.
Retro MTG magazine ads for Urza's Legacy !



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