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M12 PreRelease Video

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As promised, we have for you the video from the Magic 2012 core set prerelease just this past weekend, but first a few small notes . . .

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Next up - some news from the trenches.

Several brick 'n' mortar stores have already been working hard towards welcoming the next set, Innistrad. To ensure suffucient product, they have pre-ordered ahead. During the ordering process through the Wizards Event Reporter Software (WER), it was learned that the Innistrad Buy-a-Box Promo is named "Devil's Play". Speculate away on this folks - think colour, type of spell, and possible card text, then put your prognostication in the comment thingy below.

Finally, the video.

We attended OMG! Games M12 PreRelease here in Barrie on Sunday - we like Sundays as there tends to be a little more elbow room at the tables. Anywhoos, we're kinda glad we did, store owners Rick and Josh indicate record-breaking attendance tournouts with about 48 at the Friday midnight pre-release and around 65 during the next two flights on Saturday. Sunday's event was limited to about twenty or so due to lack of product.

We went 3-1 with a black / white build and took home a store voucher for six packs of M12 prizes as the store shelves we almost bare. Righto - enough yattering, onto the vid . . .

First things - here are the rares puled -
Personal Sanctuary, Djinn of Wishes, Time Reversal, Cemetery Reaper (this card won games), Archon of Justice, and a Sun Titan.

But altough its great to have expensive chase rares, that will not always (or even usually) win games in a sealed format event. Cards which pushed hard to win games in this pool were removal spells such as Oblivion Ring and Doom Blade as well as evasion creatures for which I had a few nice white flyers.

Anywhoos - tell us your pre-release stories - did your pool suck rotten eggs or take you to glorious victory? Also tell us of some interesting plays you may have seen.


Tezrael said...

I had a Gideon Jura and a Gideon's Avenger. fun combo was fun. throughout the whole day I only lost 2 games total in round 4, ending up 4 and 1 in the end(beating each of my opponents but round 4 2-0 lol),putting me in 3rd place

White-red seems really nice in this core set.

pipboy said...

played in both flights on Saturday got a foil jace, and a chandra in the first one, that pretty much won games only went 3-1 though still opening a foil jace made it worth it

buh-roken said...

I went on Saturday and opened a foil giddeon, a grave titan, and a solemn simulacrum, however the rest if my black was pretty bad so I went white red and finished 3-2.

penguinxcrossing said...

I went to our saturday flight and got 1st of 31 with a 4-0 record. what really won me the games was the garruk i pulled. i ran green red. had good removal and i also had in my sideboard 3 plummets for those pesky fliers. but the second that garruk hit the field it was game each time.

Anonymous said...

I cracked a Gideon, Aegis Angel, Sphinx of Ulnox, and Mind Control. 2 Mana Leaks, 2 Ponders, and 2 Divinations in blue, 1 Pacifism, 1 Oblivion Ring, 2 Gideons Lawkeepers for white made my 4-0 matches(8-0 games) a pretty profitable release.

ctplayer said...

opened inferno titan, jace, phantasmal image, mesa enchantress, warstorm surge, and reverberate.
wanted to go blue/red, but aside from inferno titan, had very few good red cards (no shocks, or any other direct damage), so i went white/blue and splashed red for inferno titan and 2 goblin fireslingers. jace was a game ender if he hit the field, and inferno titan almost guaranteed victory as well, especially when copied with phantasmal image

Bizzerker said...

I drew a Personal Sanctuary and an Aegis angel, but then drew a Cemetary Reaper and immediately built a removal deck around that, and used cheap tactics to prevent the Reaper from dying himself.

I managed to hold on to a 3-1 W/L ratio, and only lost to a mill deck when my powerhouse cards kept getting removed