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Monday Potpourri

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We had an exciting weekend chock'd full 'o' win at Magic 2012 core set prerelease at OMG! Games here in Barrie. Fans of the game crammed the store starting at the Friday midnight event with about 40 players, another 60 or so players came out on Saturday and we attended on Sunday with a smaller group of about 20.

We will get you stories and a video from the M12 prerelease in another post but for now we can give you some highlights . . . We had mixed results with R.Stomp loosing all four rounds and CopySix going 3-1 and winning six packs of product. R.Stomp went finally went with a Green / Blue build after some difficult decisions with a challenging pool. CopySix went with a Red / White build, lost the first round (did go to game 3) but felt the deck played inconsistently.
He finally went with a Black / White build and won every round after. The star of this build had to be Cemetery Reaper which, due to very fortunate topdecks, allowed a small shambling army of black 3/3 Zombie tokens. Spot removal in both black and white enabled clear skies for hard-hitting fliers. Anywhoos, as stated, we will cover off the OMG! Games prerelease with a video latter.

For now, it may be apropos to share with you the Magic 2012 Checklilst document here in '.pdf' format . . .

M12 Magic 2012 Checklist
Some further news on what promos to expect for the M12 Game Day. From our previous post (HERE and HERE) we know that Stormblood Beserker is the full alternate art foil participation promo. We now know that the top finishers will be able to get a very cool Dungrove Elder.

Next up - Some whispered rumours from the forums . . .

Apparently, someone was able to sneak a peak at Innistrad booster pack images as well as a prerelease poster. All that we have so far from this source is a confirmation of what was already known and some nebulous observations that there is a 'Humans versus the Supernatural' theme to this first set. That and a hard confirmation that we should expect Werewolves. This is an undeveloped creature sub-type and we here at MTG Realm are rather excited that Wizards may be making these cards - our next wish - a tribal Human / Wolf theme (but hopefully nothing as irritating as that Twilight trilogy.


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