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Mirrodin Besieged PreRelease

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As promised yesterday, we now have the post and video of our Mirrodin Besieged prerelease event at OMG Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. We could not get into the event on Saturday (sad panda) - We arrived not more than 10 minutes after registration opened only to find that they already hit their max capacity with 2 flights of 32 players each. Several others who arrived shortly after us were able to re-arrange their schedules to attend the Sunday event which also had a good showing of 24 players.

Players we yattered to who came back again the next day all loved the new faction thing and ranked this prerelease very high.

We'll shut up for a bit and show you the vid first . . .

Anywhoos, about the games -
Their was a decent split between Mirran and Phyrexia and although Phyrexia had more bombs in their pool, we went with Mirran as we hoped it would provide a good mid-range agrro with loads of artifact hate.

Here's the pulls (rare / uncommons only)

Pack 1 SOM : Kuldotha Pheonix, Glimmerpost Stag, Necropede, Auriok Edgewright
Pack 2
SOM : Prototype Portal, Embersmith, Oxidda Scrapmelter, Golem Artisan
Pack 2
SOM : Darkslick Shores, Tangle Angler, Thrummingbird, Lifesmith
Pack 1 Mirran : Myr Turbine, Go for the Throat, Signal Pest, Lumengrid Gargoyle
Pack 2 Mirran : Cryptoplasm, Piston Sledge, Melira's Keepers, Accorder Paladin
Pack 3 Mirran : White Sun's Zenith, Spiraling Duelist, Kuldotha Flamefiend, Neurok Commando

The three Scars of Mirrodin certainly supported a Mirran build better so we were glad we chose the way we did - unfortunately, we just suck at building sealed . . .

Our build during during the first match . . .
Crush, Shriekhorn x 3, Panic Spellbomb, Accorder's Shield, Revoke Existence, Divine Offering, Leonin Skyhunter, Sout Parry, Accorder Paladin, BladedPinions, Burn the Impure, Koth's Courier, Sylvok Replica, Spin Engine x 2, Piston Sledge, Turn to Slay, Concussive Bolt, Spiraling Duelist

We did change out several cards between matches or sideboarded but really could pull it off :
Match One (against Mirran) - draw
Match Two (against Mirran) - lost in two
Match Three (against Phyrexia) - lost in two

Dropped - went hope and started dreaming about our new casual constructed builds to kick it at the kitchen table. One card of note - certainly not the most valuable card but certainly one we underestimated was
Shriekhorn. We had three of these and each match we had at least one hit and stick to mill for six cards which certainly hurts the opponent in a sealed 40-card game.

y'all come back soon as we will be doing our popular Fat Pack dissection for this Friday's post as well as other ad-hoc posts between now and then.

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