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Mirrodin Besieged Crazy 8's

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We now have some of our pre-orders in and are rather happy with our Mirrodin Besieged Uncommon & Common set we got from MTG Mint Card. This lot provides a deckset of each uncommon and common in the latest Magic the Gathering set and the price was right. Considering the relative monetary value of some of the more sought-after uncommons, we declare great deal.

Anywhoos - Here's a short vid giving you some Show 'n' Tell of our new cards. We also go out on a limb and give you our opinions of the Top Eight Uncommons and Commons in Mirrodin Besieged for standard casual constructed.



Go for the Throat : Is solid cheap spot removal which we will consider to be on par with Doom Blade. DB can't hit black creatures while GftT can. The only drawback is the stoopid name as well as it's limiter to non-artifact creatures which by the way, standard environment has a few of.

Signal Pest : Battle cry on a one-drop is great. This thing has a target on it from Kuldotha Rebirth or other sac outlets or simply by itself swinging a piece of equipment.

Goblin Wardriver : Good cost two-drop for two with Battle cry which may see play in agressive goblin decks. One is pretty much limited to mono-red decks here.

Accorder Paladin : A two-drop Knight with an odd 3/1 body but hey - here's Battle cry again. Look to see him in a Knight Exemplar build or perhaps equipping him as this is still fragile.

Sphere of the Suns : This is an excellent target for proliferate as well as players who want to see some metalcraft action in their game. We almost prefer this over Everflowing Chalice.

Plague Myr : This is a great addition to your infect deck. Several players we know are replacing their Copper or Leaden Myr with this fella. Sure it provides a colourless mana but dropping another infect creature into play is good - especially with a Hand of the Praetors already out.

Treasure Mage : Will allow you to run singles of your fav artifact fatty to free up space in your deck. Popular cards to pull out of your deck with this may be Blightsteel Colossus, Platinum Emperion, Myr Battlesphere, Platinum Angel, Argentum Armor, Contagion Engine, etc. - you get the idea.

Lead the Stampede : Is vastly improved over Beast Hunt. This may see play in mana-ramp type decks which prefer less lands and more mana-dorks. This may also work well with Fauna Shaman allowing a larger pool of discard to find that singleton fatty.


Steel Sabotage : Great common in a metagame full of artifacts. Use in your sideboard to counter or bounce - we're thinking that your opponent who just dropped a Blightsteel Colossus into play will cry when you sabotage it.

Master's Call : Speaking of BSC, this is the go-to card of choice. An instant-speed two 1/1 myr for three mana is not at all bad - especially to push your game's metalcraft tech or give your Tempered Steel threat more bodies.

Leonin Skyhunter : We're not seeing any downside to a 2/2 flier for two - As this is a Knight, we expect to see this as a high pick for any mono-white Knight builds.

Ichor Wellspring : Card draw is simple card advantage. This one may be sacrificed to Throne of Geth or Kuldotha Rebirth to net you a card. Alternatively, it's come into play ability may be abused by Venser - not bad.

Crush : Not the best artifact destruction card out in standard right now but still decent. We're thinking that any black-red build will have both Crush and Go for the Throat in their sideboards.

Blightwidow : Infect decks finally have some good aerial cover. Previously we were limited to only Skittles or Plague Stinger to keep the unfriendly skies clear but now this nasty fella with reach provides another option to block or wear down your opponent's attack.

Horrifying Revelation : Although this does not provide the selection of Duress, it does eliminate two cards which may result in messing up your opponent's tempo which is never a bad thing. We're thinking of strategies with Agadeem Occultist, Bloodchief Ascension and the like.

Myr Sire : Two 1/1 chumps for two mana is mana well spent. Look for synergies with Culling Dias, Mortarpod and perhaps Nim Deathmantle. Great creature to sac and get one more rinse 'n' repeat.

Please feel free to pipe in and provide comments below (we have several already on YouTube) as to your Top 8 picks for uncommons and commons.

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