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Spreading Seas

Good Day to all.
I hope that you will forgive my recent absence but I have been offlined to spend some quality time with H1N1. Hope that none of you decide to take this virus home with you.

Anywho, just getting back into it again and have noticed that Wizards has finally provided the official announcement to Rise of the Eldrazi today on Magic Arcana, the name of the third and final set in the Zendikar block. Altough we brought you this news more than a week ago (post HERE), there is a new image to look at . . .

Boy does that creature (presumably an 'Eldrazi') look not very pleased.


Now - as the title of the post suggested (Spreading Seas), I wanted to yatter about this card and the potential answer it has to many of those Jund decks you may be running up against at FNM.

Spreading Seas, just like Convincing Mirage, may assist the player to disrupt an opponent's mana base very early in the game, and if properly followed-thorugh may just mess up their play enough to squeak out a win. In fact, the use of cards such as these against most multi-colour decks will just simply mess things up rather royally.

I've seen a few decks developed with Spreading Seas (the better of the two cards here). So far, the deck which has intrigued me most are the ones in which Sigil of the Empty Throne are prominent. I have even taken a liking to some of the decks I have seen with Kor Skyfisher which can bounce one of your permanents (read: enchantment) in order to play it again and pump out yet another 4/4 Angel token with Empty Throne.

As you will need some breathing room (read: live long enough), to set up your tech, look for Wall of Denial which most Jund decks I've seen does not have an answer for. This should buy just enough time to get things on the roll for you.

Some cards I am considering . .

Ardent Plea

Convincing Mirage
Ice Cage
Journey to Nowhere
Kor Skyfisher
Mesa Enchantress
Oblivion Ring
Sigil of the Empty Throne
Spreading Seas
Wall of Denial

Please drop my a line and suggest a final build for this with Spreading Seas and Sigil of the Empty Throne figuring prominently. I would do this, but as swine flu ate my brain, I am out of commission for at least another few days.


Anonymous said...

Rise of the Eldrazi is looking insane! Zendikar block is so far turning out to be amazing. I really like where the storyline could be going to.
In the newest picture it looks like there are several Human Soldier Ally's standing there. I am slightly excited to see where Ally's go. They aren't powerful at all currently, but I think we could see some potential in the next few sets.
I am also really excited to see wehre the Eldrazi go. I would love to see some picture art for cards. The wait is almost unbearable.
I wonder if we will see anything in WW that will have any Eldrazi titles.

Nicholas Davis said...

YES! Spreading Seas is potentially one of the jankyest cards ever (read, "I want to break it").

I actually side boarded it in my Rite Ramp deck. I like where you are going with your build!

Rick Sadler said...

with all the defense you have, luminarch ascension might not be a bad choice as well, even if you just run two

chickot said...

Luminarch Asension looks promising in the deck, maybe one or two mesa enchantress or maybe some Crystallization and if you decide to splash some green there you could also add fogs, trace of abundance, lush growth.

Or some white and cheap enchantments like holy strenght or lifelink that makes you draw a card and 4/4 flyer for just one mana

Rick Sadler said...

Aven Mimeomancer is another good card for the deck because you can turn the skyfishers and the mesa enchantress into 3/1 flyers. almost everyone i play my deck against hates the mimeomancer. paralyzing grasp is another good one to add.

Rick Sadler said...

4x Wall of Denial
4x Paralyzing Grasp
4x Spreading Seas
4x Quest for Ancient Secrets
4x Sunspring Expedition
4x Journey to Nowhere
4x Kor Skyfisher
4x Oblivion Ring
4x Gomazoa
2x Aven Mimeomancer
2x Sigil of the Empty Throne

Dorian said...

i have this deck

3x Sigil of Empthy Throne
3x Dueft Duelist
4x Spreading Seas
4x Convincing Mirage
3x Wall of Denial
2x Sphinx of Jwar Isle
3x Ponder
2x Kor Skyfisher
3x Ardent Plea
3x Stormcaller's Boon
3x O-ring
3x Journey to Nowhere
2x Day of Judgement
2x Path of Exile