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MTG Vacation

I am rather sorry to inform you that you guys on on your own next week as I am taking the kids on vacation. This, not only, will afford you an opportunity to determine exactly how addicted you may be to this blog, but will also provide me with a chance to get beach sand in my card sleeves - hopefully this will not have a physical adverse effect on my expensive Magic the Gathering cards. This will give me a chance to put on hold the impending arrival of winter (yep - already threatening snow where I live), but will also allow me to study real-live Americans up close.

I do not anticipate any crazy Worldwake or Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers coming my way next week so perhaps this may very well be a safe time to log off for a week - I just hope I don't go into internet withdrawls - I found out that the Condo does NOT have internet (!arghblah!). :-(

Anywhoos - I hope to get in a bunch of games with the spouse, the kids as well as kick butt and take names at the local hobby store which runs FNM. So - here is an invitation ! - If you happen to find yourself in John's Pass (near Madeira Beach, Florida), please try to catch me at Fun Express Games, right in John's Pass.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun on vaca! Now what will I do when I'm bored at work. This is one of the few sites that isn't blocked by our network admin. Sadface.