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MTG Cake

In this MTG Realm blog post, we take an unexpected turn into the kitchen and explore the dark and sinister undercarriage of the world of baked goods.

If one was able to wring out and distill the pure evil from a Martha Stewart cupcake, we would have the perversity of the patisserie world - yep - sugar.

In this post, we will explore the weird and unnatural conflux of Magic the Gathering and Cake. Following are images of this horrid marriage of flour, eggs, frosting and an MTG fan's endeavour to eat a piece of cake / morceau de g√Ęteau. Your dentist will appreciate these . . .

And if you do not really like cake, try on one of these cookies . . .

We will catch you after your sugar hang-over.


Nicholas Davis said...

Does it make winning games a "piece of cake"? wah wah wah!

Dave said...

Yum! Delicious post.

Shark said...

Almost a week and not a new post? This seems odd. I need more MTG news!