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MTG Deck Builder's Toolkit

This appears to be the second day in a row where have dipped into Wizard's Magic Arcana to feed our Magic the Gathering blog. Hopefully this does not become a habit and we here at MTG Realm simply become a re-publisher. Anywho, Let's have a look at the latest shall we.

Wizards of the Coast has yet another product to entice novice players . . . a Deckbuilding Toolkit. This is a product which is intended to target new players just starting to accumulate cards to build their very first deck. The product, aptly named Deck Builder's Toolkit, appears to have everything this new player requires - namely a big mana pool which to include in the finished deck as well as 125 MTG cards of unknown set and rarity. To boot, the product even includes 4 booster packs to give the kids their very first taste of ripping through blister packaging to get to that cardboard crack. Just about everything that new player needs to build his very first MTG Monster.

All and all, really not that bad for the price to get a firm MTG foundation constructed in which to develop your new-found game. Personally, when we first started, we purchased an intropack - then known as a 'theme deck' back then. Specifically, we got theme decks from Urza's Legacy - the mono-green Crusher and the blue-white Radiant's Revenge. We played these two decks for months on end and rather enjoyed it. This new product reminds me of those starter boxes back in 1999 and 2000.


Well that was a pleasant trip down memory lane - back on topic - let's have a look at the corporate skinny for the Deck Builder's Toolkit :

Starting May 21, 2010, you can hook up a friend (or yourself!) with the Deck Builder's Toolkit, which will contain

100 land cards and
125 semi-random game cards
, along with

four 15-card booster packs
from a variety of recent Magic:
The Gathering sets for only $19.99. It's the perfect way to start a deck-building career!

The Deck Builder's Toolkit will also contain a card storage box, a guide containing dueling tips, and expert advice on how to custom build the deadliest and most effective decks possible. And since no two Toolkits are the same, each one presents its own unique deckbuilding challenges!


A final word - -
Since this product is really intended for the new player orientating themselves and developing competencies and strategies, they will likely be the last to care about rarity distribution and the presence (or lack) of an expansion symbol . . . they just need to get on top of their game before striking out to the hostile world of standard Friday Night Magic.


Jacob said...

Meh, Id rather have them buy 6+ packs of whatever they want and I'll give them the land and 100 semi random (probably crappy) cards for free :)

Jacob said...

Meh, Id rather have them buy 6+ packs of whatever they want and I'll give them the land and 100 semi random (probably crappy) cards for free :)

steve the builder said...

MTG Deck Builder's Toolkit

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Jacob it is random me and my frends all bought 1 and non of us got the same cards =p

jacobdelange said...

me i bought one friday the 2nd at walmart and ive already made me a red/black vampire/goblin deck and a sort of blue/green control/aggro deck and im pretty happy with the results... :)