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Eventide UltraPro

If you have been watching the forums, you may have picked up on some of the images of the new Eventide Ultra.Pro products. Since every Magic Player (yeah . . . myself included), I know loves to speculate on creatures and themes of each new set, lets have a look and the images leaked.

Eventide Sleves and Side-load Deck Box
Interesting stuff here - We see a Kithkin soldier / cleric doing their stuff BUT the image of the Cinder (formerly Flamekin) appears rather odd . . . this sort of image lends a bit to the argument of enemy-hybrid colours appearing in Shadowmoor.

Four-Card Folios
These card folios not only allows a handy binder for showing off your best / exotic cards, they also contain some very nice art. The top left image appears to be similar to the Glen Elendra Leige BUT this Faerie does not appear to have any wings . . . whoa. The rest looks like the standard fare critters we know - a Fae, and two Cinders. Perhaps the bottom two are simply sorceries.

Nine-Card Folios
Again with the odd-looking fae on the left folio's top left. The creature on the center of the folio appears to have faerie wings. The two critters on the bottom look like elementals who I will name 'Footsie' and 'Mouth'.
On the top of the right folio, it appears to be yet another fae but this time riding a big moth. As for the bottom, I have still not yet come to any conclusion although there seems to be something similar to Beseech the Queen about it but just corporeal.

Play Mat
Speaking of similar imagery, the lovely-looking goblin on this play-mat appears to be sisters with the two gals from Disturbing Plot.

Thats a wrap for now but I have a feeling much more juicy Eventide stuff will be landing on these pages fairly soon.

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