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Eventide Boosters

I did want to post an article about the Lorwyn kinship mechanic and the subsequent evolution or rather devolution in Shadowmoor but Wizards ruined that by posting booster packaging for the upcoming Eventide set.

Lets have a look . . .
We see here, two new images and one previously leaked. The booster image on the left almost appears to be an odd amphibious Kithkin . . or perhaps not - we will just let our imagination run amok until the formal spoilers come out.

As for the center image, the mount is almost certainly a cervin - the deer-like creature the Elves favour for patrolling their havens. Finally, the image on the right is the odd-looking owl lady with a nasty case of acid-reflux.

The booster case . .

Another image already leaked via Diamond Previews. As previously discussed, it bears a very slight similarity to the Glen Elendra Leige. The mount is a wasp instead of a yellow-jacket and this is no ordinary Fae riding the winged critter.

Whatever the new spells and creatures the Eventide set will hold for players, we can all be sure that there will be no return to the peaceful idyllic world of Lorwyn.

Get ready for more darkness and deviousness . . .

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