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Band of Boggarts

I have recently scrapped together a deck of (FNM unwanted) common Boggarts with one or two uncommons in the mix to play against the spouse's killer Elf deck. To my surprise, I rather enjoyed playing with these goblins no matter how inferior the construction. To this end, I have decided to revisit this much-maligned marginalised tribe and award them a blog post.

As briefly discussed in the previous post, the Goblins in Lorwyn Block (named Boggarts) are Black and Red. In fact, there are 21 Black, 12 Red Boggarts and 1 Legendary (both black and red). The most popular past-time of these miscreants is harassing the Kithkin as shown here in Noggin Whack . . . yes - that is a fish tied to a brick. Other more professional past times include being a Shaman (13 count), a Rogue (13), or a Warrior (8). In total (not counting the 5 Tribal Enchantments), there are 20 commons, 9 rares, and 5 uncommon goblin creatures.

Filling out your Goblin Deck may be changelings as described in this previous post - but don't stop there - there are some critter cross-overs which may help you out.

Specifically, Marsh Flitter (Faerie) will generate a goblin token. A Faerie will also pump-up your Boggart Sprite-Chaser and get it off the ground. If you prefer a much more simplier way to get your goblin to fly, you can have Lowland Oaf (Giant) fire a goblin-missile at your oppenent. Boggarts may also be welcom in other decks; Caterwauling Boggart could also be inserted into an Elemental deck and Stinkdrinker Daredevil should go quite nicely into a Giant deck.

Let's get to some of the interesting mechanics and synergies with this rag-tag bunch 'o' boggarts.

Sacrificing and Recursion

A Lorwyn Block graveyard has a revolving door. Any goblin dispatched to this play zone may potential go out with a bang (to the grimace of your opponent) and then might very well be coming back to play quicker than you can say 'Mad Auntie'.

Boggart Loggers will take a forest or treefolk to the graveyard, Boggart Forrager will neutralise the effect of your opponent's Harbinger with a library shuffle. Tar Pitcher will deal 2 damage or your can use Marsh Flitter to inflict 3. Lowland Oaf will turn any goblin into a flying missile and speaking of missiles, Fodder Launch is powered by (you guessed it !) - dead goblins. Do remeber to read your enchantments carefully as they could also be counted a 'Goblin' when you are in a bind.

One solid combination is sacrificing Hornet Harrasser or Mudbutton Torchrunner to launch a pumped-up Facevaulter. After the dust has settled, you could have kocked off a 6/6 'fattie' for the price of two 1/1 Goblins with a total mana cost of 5 which is not that bad at all.

Mind you, you don't really need to sacrifice your own goblins to get the nifty effect . . . you could get Goatnapper to steal your opponent's Changeling. After bashing your opponent with a stolen 7/7 Changeling Titan or 5/3 Beserker, just remember to sacrifice it - this may be the point when your opponent will start to cry.

As soon as your Goblin takes a dirt nap, you could potentially get a nice cup of bonus. Boggart Shennanigans (I just love that word) will poke your opponent a point of damage while Knucklebone Witch will benefit with a +1/+1 counter. When its time to clean out the Goblins from the graveyard, and start all over again, just use Boggart Birth Rite, Warren Pilferers or Wort, Boggart Auntie.

The Goblins are not as fortunate in the token-generating department as the Elves. We can only count on Boggart Mob to generate a 1/1 token when your opponent takes a hit. Other than that, Marsh Flitter does generate two 1/1 token, but these are pretty much already spoken for as this Faerie Rogue needs them to pump up the aerial assult.

If your opponent would attempt to deck you out with a milling strategy, Footbottom Feast is able to drag any number of cards from the graveyard back into your library. If you need to do this, just remember to think ahead to the next potential clash. (When called for, each clashing player reveals the top card of his or her library, then puts that card on the top or bottom. A player wins if his or her card had a higher converted mana cost.)

All -in- All, not a bad Lorwyn Block tribe, and fairly fun to play with.
Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming !

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