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If you thought there was something shifty about some of the critters in the Lorwyn and Morningtide set, you would be right . . . there is. Specifically, the 20 Shapeshifters and half-dozen tribal instants.

Lets have a look . . Can you spot the Shapeshifter ?

Here there is a Faerie, Kithkin, Flamekin, Elf, Merfolk, Goblin, Giant and a Treefolk (in the shadows).

The Shapeshifter can actually be anyone of these Lorwyn Block buddies as the changeling is 'every creature type at all times'.

This also means that Goatnapper can steal a 'goat', a Boldwry Intimidator may intimidate a 'coward', and anything that would affect an Elemental would also affect a get the idea.

The Shapeshifters can come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your deck and can even lend a helping hand - - Just ask a Harbinger to bring one out to play.

Here we see an interesting combination when Leaf-Crown Elder picked up a Runed Stalactite and became every creature type. You can now play every creature type for free and save your mana (use the accent that the ING dude uses).


Alternatively, you could use a Shapeshifter to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women as shown by this interesting combination. Just equip Moonglove Changeling with Thornbite Staff and start dealing a point of devastating deathtouch to a creature in your opponent's stable.


Just remember, Shapeshifts can really help you deck out and provides a kind of glue to Lorwyn's eight races.


In other news, it looks like 'Rhys The Exiled' has returned in Shadowmoor as 'Rhys The Redeemed' . . . this time, it looks like he brought some friends with him.


I'm back . .

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