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Shadowmoor Theme Decks

With the next set, Shadowmoor due to be released May 2, 2008, I have been giving some thought to the pre-constructed decks we could expect. For those blog readers who have an interest in the expected Shadowmoor Theme Decks, this post is for you.

'Lorwyn Unleashed' scrapped the web and successfully obtained images for all five Theme Decks. Unfortunately, two of the theme decks are in German and since I have not spoke a word of German for at least 35 years, the language is as unfamiliar to me as my wife. ;-)

Anywho, enjoy !

Army of Entropy
(Black / Red) -
Expect Flamekin (Elementals) and Demons in this theme deck.
Given the image of the Flamekin riding a huge honking bat-like critter, I am left to wonder if there is an asbestos saddle involved . . .

Aura Mastery
(White / Blue) -
Expect a showing of Kithkin in here.
Will there be a return of Angels ?
The image on the packaging certainly suggests purity with wings.

Mortal Coil
(Blue / Black) -
Expect Faeries and Merfolk in this deck.
I think that this will be the first Shadowmoor pre-constructed I buy . . . Just because the Merfolk look so bad-a$$ and not based upon any informed speculation of what card yumminess this deck may contain.

(Green / White) -
German for Landslide (or big change ?) What the final English name may be quite different in meaning from the German.
Just like the packaging spells it out, Expect Elves in this theme deck.

Zu Viel des Guten
(Red / Green) -
German phrase for "too much of a good thing" (?). I do not expect that the English name will be anything like this.
Expect forests and other big aggressive monsters.


* * UPDATE - 3/25/2008 * *

Wizards officially posted the Shadowmoor Theme Decks today in Magic Arcana. The above post from the 19th generated a lot of speculative banter on the forums. I imagine that the European retailer which leaked the theme deck images may have received a phone call from WoTC by now.

Aura Mastery (White/Blue) - Unleash the power of enchantments. Buff up your creatures, put the whammy on your opponent's, and then snap your fingers to scramble Auras around at your whim. Your enemies will grudgingly applaud even as their plans are ruined.

Mortal Coil (Blue/Black) - Mortality is annoying, but these creatures don't mind. The persist mechanic allows them to laugh in the face of death, or even benefit from dying. You'll weave combos and frustrate your opponent as your minions repeatedly jump back to play.

Army of Entropy (Black/Red) - Things wither and die. That's a fact of life, especially in Shadowmoor. But don't stop that entropic cycle of nature—accelerate it! Tear down defenses and leave permanent scars in your foe’s life total. Your smoldering warriors will own an empty board.

Overkill (Red/Green) - Go for the big finish. Buy time with an innocuous army while you build to a game-winning mystic explosion. Demolish the board with a cataclysmic spell that will set records every time you play the deck. Mages are measured by the spells they wield, so why not wield the biggest ones?

Turnabout (White/Green) - They'll never see it coming. Your tricky creatures can untap at a whim to create combat superiority or machine-gun combos. Use their untap abilities repeatedly to build up immense creatures or swarms of tokens—and leave your opponents wondering what hit them.

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