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Shadowmoor Art

I was hoping to get back to my continuing exploration and examination of Lorwyn / Morningtide but it appears that the next Expansion set of Shadowmoor is an itch I will have to continue to scratch.

To this end, today's post showcases some of the absolutely stunning artwork Wizards of the Coast is providing with the new set. As expected, Shadowmoor is a dark Lorwyn of sorts, an environment in perpetual twilight with only the elves clinging on to the last rays of beauty and light.

Speaking of Elves, lets start with one . .
Most likely an instant or other sorcery perhaps. Very little change from the Lorwywn block Elves we have all come to love (or hate).

The Elves may be provided with some divine assistance perhaps as the Shadowmoor card 'Beseech the Queen' suggests. The mana symbols on Beseech the Queen are three half 2 Mana and half 1 Black Mana. Mark Rosewater addressed this is a new twist on hybrid in a recent article. Apparently, the converted mana cost is 6.

The new Shadowmoor Merfork lurking in the wanderbrine look decidedly more vicious however. I should think twice about taking a dip in any merrow now.

There is a suggestion with Wanderbrine Rootcutters that the merrows may have flooded past the confines of their banks and now threaten Shadowmoor forests. Think of a saline soaked mangrove but with dangerous swimming critters.

The comical accident-prone Lorwyn boggarts (goblins) also appear to evolved significantly. No more fish-bricks . . .
Kithkin kitchens in Kinsbaile, Burrenton, Goldmeadow, and Cloverdell are now no longer safe.

The Shdowmoor boggarts now may also perhaps pose a threat beyond clachans. Treefolk and other combustible creatures take note of Boggart Arsonists.

Perhaps the Kithkin do not have any great cause to fear for the safety of their kitchens given their new war-like appearance. A Kithkin Rogue such as Ballynock Chohort would surely clean the place up.

Shadowmoor critters may be well served to stock up on a LOT of Raid ® Outdoor Demon-cide with the threat posed by by Demigod of Revenge.

Artifact creatures may be making a return to Magic: The Gathering. Lurebound Scarecrow looks like the stuff nightmares are constructed of. Kithkin kids beware . . . do not accept candy (or dolls) from strangers or strange things.

Until next time, play safe . . . always use card sleeves.

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