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Guilds of Ravnica Story

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The Guilds of Ravnica Story arc, penned by author Nicky Drayden concluded with the fifth and final installment, covering all five Guilds featured in this latest Magic: the Gathering set.  Here are the handy links to each of these great episodes along with the subjective first-person character in brackets and the excellent sketches of that character from artist Wesley Burt.  Wizards of the Coast indicates that Magic Story will continue in early December.

Episode 1 : Under the Cover of Fog (Merret)
Merret, a covert agent of House Dimir, works a lowly position on the docks until he stumbles upon life-changing magic.

Episode 2 : Testing the Dark Waters (Leighbet)
An Izzet chemister makes an incredible discovery about the world . . . and herself.

Episode 3 : Clans and Legions (Weslyn)
A newly promoted Wojek stumbles upon a massive conspiracy.

Episode 4 : Death's Precious Moments (Bozak)
A hopeful kraul competes for training as a necromancer and brushes closer with death than expected.

Episode 5 : Bound and Bonded (Terrik)

A Selesnyan wurmcaller confronts the mistakes of his past with a little help from his friends.


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