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Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers Monday

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Official Magic: the Gathering previews for Guilds of Ravnica are under way today with contributions from Wizards of the Coast as well as a host of other exclusive previews from content creators around the world.  If your local gaming store is like ours, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, then you would well know the excited anticipation from fans for another return to the Plane of Ravnica.  One item of note is the return of 'split cards', which your neck may or may not be a fan of . . .

We will summarise and rattle off all of today's new cards here collected from Wizards and around the web.  Just click to embiggen the below images.

The legendary Izzet guild leader is returned as Niv-Mizzet, Parun which looks great for card draw and fun pings.  That casting cost though may be better suited to the 'Devotion' mechanic.  Assassin's Trophy is simply off-the-hook crazy good - we want a full deck-set.

Dream Eater has no particular interest for us but moving to Izzet, Goblin Electromancer should be a welcome reprint.  We love the name Hypothesizzle and suspect WotC had design input from Snoop Dogg.  Split cards previewed included one for Boros 'Response // Resurgence' and one for Golgari 'Find // Finality'.  Each are great with solid spell effects on split number one and a decent effect on split number two when mana should be more plentiful later game.

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