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Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler 7-30

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Some important news on the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set, Guilds of Ravnica for you today.  Wizards of the Coast had let the kitten out of the clutch with an update to the Wizards Play Network (WPN) (linked here) resource site for gaming stores.  Of particular interest is that we can expect the pre-release events to to be Guild-based.

Specifically, the Prerelease Packs are to be Guild-based which includes a seeded booster, composed entirely of cards relevant to that player’s guild as well as five regular Guilds of Ravnica booster packs.  This set as well as the pre-release packs are to feature the following five of the bi-colored Ravnican guilds : 

• Selesnya (G/W)
• Boros (R/W)
• Golgari (B/G)
• Izzet (U/R)
• Dimir (U/B)

With Guilds of Ravnica set releasing on October 5, 2018, it is quite reasonable to imagine that the next set, Ravnica Allegiance, releasing in January, 2019 will feature the other five Guilds :  Azorius (W/U), Rakdos (B/R), Gruul (R/G), Simic (G/U), and Orzhov (W/B).

Also of interest, the same WPN page featured what is guessed to be the Guilds of Ravnica key art.  This particular piece features Vraska, the Planeswalker Gorgon.  We had last left Vraska at the tail end of the Ixalan story where she (voluntarily) had her memories wiped clean by new friend Jace.  Upon returning as an agent of Bolas, she was granted leadership of the Golgari Guild for services rendered.  This new art appears to be the Golgari underworld, with Vraska looking to be quite at ease, perhaps in new new position.  

Our only question about the art at this time - Could there be a Ravnica / Thor crossover ?  The little beastly pet that Vraska has in her arms looks very suspiciously like Miek, Korg's BFF in Thor Ragnarok.


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