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Weatherlight Crew

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

When we had started playing Magic: the Gathering (in Lorwyn), the Plane of Dominaria was already in the rear view mirror, and for reasons which are perhaps inexcusable, we had not read any of the stories.  To this end, we are perhaps at a bit of a loss as we approach the upcoming set of Dominaria.  We are very much looking forward and are now starting to read about some of the fantastical characters in the old stories.

From the description / blurb on Amazon and Viz Media for The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Dominaria, it appears that the airship Weatherlight may feature -

Step aboard the legendary airship Weatherlight and explore Dominaria, an ancient world whose stories are known throughout the Multiverse. Dominaria has weathered one apocalypse after another and emerged into a time of rebirth and renewal.

It is likely a rather good place to start then, with the crew of the Weatherlight in order to begin an orientation of Dominaria, before it releases at the end of April, 2018.  The following is from the Wizards of the Coast article 'Meet the Weatherlight Crew' post linked here to help us prepare for the awesome new set.

Born to inherit the Legacy--a collection of artifacts destined to overthrow the evil forces of the multiverse--Gerrard has endured much hardship during his life. After years spent as a Master of Arms in Benalia, Gerrard has chosen to return to the Weatherlight to lead the rescue for his former captain and mentor, Sisay. 


Sisay spent some years traveling with Gerrard in search of the Legacy, then years more on her own after his abrupt departure. Her kidnapping by Volrath was a calculated plan on evincar Volrath's part to draw Gerrard back into battle.

Abandoned by her cat warrior kin when she was young, Mirri was raised alongside Gerrard for many years as they were both trained in the arts of war and magic. She is a skilled combatant and Gerrard's closest friend. Gerrard sought her out in Llanowar after he decided to return to the Weatherlight, and she eagerly rejoined him aboard the ship.

Crovax was brought to the edge of his sanity by the forces of Volrath when Volrath had Crovax's noble family destroyed, leaving Crovax the sole survivor. Believing himself to be cursed, he eagerly joined the Weatherlight crew on their journey to Volrath's realm, hoping that there he might find salvation from his plight.

Part of the proud race of Talruum minotaurs, Tahngarth served as first mate of the Weatherlight under Sisay's command. Impatient, gruff, and vain, Tahngarth now follows Gerrard, but he cannot hide his suspicion that Gerrard is not ready to be a leader.

The daughter of the ancient wizard Barrin, Hanna was educated at the Argivian University where she learned much about the uses of artifacts. She brought her talents to the Weatherlight and began to develop a romantic relationship with Gerrard. That relationship ended abruptly when Gerrard left the ship years ago, but his return may have rekindled her interest in him. 


Trained under Hanna's father Barrin, Ertai is an untested wizard of potentially great power, which is exactly how the arrogant young man thinks of himself. When Barrin elected not to join the Weatherlight crew, Ertai came in his place, leaving behind Tolaria and his mentor.


As part of Gerrard's Legacy, the silver golem Karn was charged with protecting the child Gerrard from harm. When he was tricked into killing an innocent man, Karn vowed never to take another life, no matter what the circumstances. He rejoins Gerrard on the Weatherlight after spending years deactivated.


Squee serves as goblin "cabin boy" aboard the Weatherlight. Sneakier and smarter than the average goblin, Squee's loyalty to Gerrard is shadowed by his much stronger loyalty to the abducted Sisay


Orim is skilled in numerous languages as well as the healing arts of the Samites, and she has served faithfully aboard the Weatherlight for many years. Highly spiritual, she believes that challenging Volrath is morally vital. 


After escaping Volrath, Starke was forced back into the evincar's service when Volrath took Starke's daughter prisoner. Since then, Starke has tried to ally himself with Sisay, betrayed Sisay to convince Volrath to let his daughter go, and has now pledged his services to Gerrard as the Weatherlight's guide to Volrath's realm. His duplicity has often been his undoing.


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