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Ixalan Story 10-11

A Human, a Vampire, a Merfolk . . . and a Minotaur walk into the Boatswain's Rear.

Sounds like a start to a great Dungeons and Dragons adventure - nope - bamboozled again - it's just another day on Ixalan.  Yesterday's story on the Wizards of the Coast Magic: the Gathering site is titled 'The Race, Part 1', which sounds like there is a part 2 coming along next Wednesday perhaps.

If you missed it, check out the newest story from the R&D Narrative Team linked right here - CAUTION - the story does contain 100% of your suggested daily dose of awesomeness.  The teaser for this short is "Unlikely partnerships emerge as the hunt for the Golden City begins in earnest."  

Addressed by name in the story are the Ixalan vampires Mavren Fein and Vona, both of which are just tremendously dangerous beings.  Our two main Planeswalkers Vraska and Jace, whose budding friendship threatens to bloom into something more, and lastly the 'unlikely alliance' of Huatli of the Sun Empire and the Merfolk River Herald Tishana.

Skulduggery by Deruchenko Alexander.

What is set up here in Part 1 is a three-way race to the the lost gold city of Orazca and the powerful and mysterious relic, the Immortal Sun.  This hidden location is thought to be over the mountain range that separates Pachatupa and Quetzatl, and then further across the lake - rather vague that.  For the moment, the success of finding this lost treasure goes to Jace and Vraska who possess the Thaumatic Compass.  By the end of the story, the Planeswalkers are beginning to realise how the compass works.  They also suspect that by finding the lost city, they will also discover the magical enchantment which prevents them from leaving this Plane.

Certainly looking forward to next week's Magic Story.  

Until then, the MTG Realm crew have been busy developing standard decklists for Blue / Green Merfolk and Black / White Tokens to cart along to Friday Night Magic.  Next week, we might be looking at Ixalan cards to add to our (way too numerous) Commander decklists.


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