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Hour of Devastation Spoilers 6-22

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

If you happen to find yourself in Barrie, Ontario (a bit north of Toronto) this evening, drop on in to OMG! Games to get in on some Commander action tonight.  For today's post, we continue full tilt on the newest Magic: the Gathering previews for the upcoming 'Hour of Devastation' set.  Be sure to check out the Card Image Gallery right over here.  First, some great art from Victor Adame Minguez for  "Marauding Boneslasher" -

Uncage the Menagerie - XGG Mythic Sorecery.  Similar to Amonkhet's Vizier of the Menagerie, in that 'Menagerie' is in its name.  Allows one to tutor out X creatures with CMC of 'X' to put in your hand.  Seems good.

Razaketh the Foulblooded - 5BBB 8/8 Legendary Demon with flying, trample.  Pay 2, sac a creature to tutor any card to your hand.  Looking forward to trying this in Commander definitely.

The Scarab God - Here is the U/B lost god. 3UB Legendary 5/5 creature.  Your team of Zombies is key to having this card be a beast.  Scry X (# zombies) to ping X life. 2UB exiles targer graveyard critter which creates a 4/4 zombie token for you.

Djeru the Purified - 5WW for a 4/3 legendary vigilant human warrior.  ETB effect to search for a Planeswalker card to you hand.  Other ability is a 1 damage reduction in the style of Daunting Defender.

Rhonas's Last Stand - GG Sorcery. Upside - creating a 5/4 green snake token. Downside - Lands you control don't untap during your next untap step.  Pro Tip - Play G/W for Anointed Procession.

Earthshaker Khenra - 1R 2/1 hasty Jackal Warrior.  MEH, even with eternalize tacked on.

Reshaper Khenra -  1G for a 2/2 Jackal Warrior.  ETB effect to pump a creature +X/+X until turn end, where X is Earthshaker's power. Eternalize 4GG.

River Hoopoe - Flavour text here is bring us to tears.  UG flying 1/3 BIRB! Good second ability 3UG gain 2 and card draw.

Resolute Survivors - 1RW 3/3 human warrior, exerted to ping 1, gain 1.

Vizier of the True - 3W 3/2 Human Cleric, with team exert ability to tap down a threat seems tood.

Steward of Solidarity - 1W 2/2 human warrior, taps to exert a 1/1 vigilant warrior.

Claim // Fame - B Sorcery returning a 2CMC creature from the yard to the board. 1R aftermath to give +2/+0 and haste to a creature.

Fervent Paincaster - 2R 3/1 Human Wizard. Tap to 1-ping player or tap to exert to 1-ping creature.

Hope Tender - 1G 2/2 Human Druid.  1T to untap land, 1T / exert to untap two.


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