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Tuesday MTG Miscellany

Here in Canada, we celebrated Victoria Day (named for Queen Victoria's birthday), also known as the May Long Weekend.  In some circles referred to as the May 2-4 weekend as it the holiday Monday was first celebrated on the 24th of May, and beer is conveniently packaged in a box of 24 bottles.  This of course means that staff at MTG Realm were nowhere near a computer but out the bakcyards / parks with BBQs and beverages.  To this end, we need today to catch up with some Magic: the Gathering news, so strap in and let's go.

There were a number of large tournaments over the weekend (including 'Game Day') for standard format players, which affords us a look at how the game is evolving after the release of the latest set, Amonkhet.

Closest to us was Gran Prix Montreal, where fellow Canadians and those further afield came together to decide the best player and best decklist.  out of 850 players on day one, 276 moved on to day two.  As expected, the most popular decks going forward into day two were (in order of popluarity) Temur Marvel, Mardu Vehicles, Mono-black Zobies, along with a showing of Black-Green aggro and Blue-Red control lists.

Grand Prix Saniago held concurrently with the one in Montreal over the weekend, had rather similar showings in popular decklists.  For the full details on each of the tournament results, pop on over the Wizards of the Coast Events Coverage Page linked here.

For Amonkhet Game Day, MTG Realm member 'CopySix' took a Red-White Humans decklist, featuring :
• Bloodlust Inciter
• Thraben Inspector
• Glory-Bound Initiate
• Honored Crop-Captain
• Thalia's Lieutenant
• Thalia, Heretic Cathar
• Hanweir Garrison

Unfortunately this list did not get to Top 8 at the Game Day event at our local gaming store OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario.  What caught our attention was the single decklist of Red-Green Energy at Grand Prix Santiago, played by Ignacio Saez, who took 6th Place.  This list has inspired us to dust off our old, and rather fun to play Red Green Energy deck and update it, for a spin at FNM.  

Finally, We have an update to report for upcoming FNM promos, posted yesterday by WotC content manager for, Blake Rasmussen.  FNM promos (also Friday Night Magic promotional cards) are foil promotional cards provided by Wizards of the Coast as additional prizes at Friday Night Magic events.


January - Noose Constrictor, illustrated by Kev Walker

February - Fortune's Favor, illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski

March - Incendiary Flow, illustrated by Slawomir Maniak

April - Servo Exhibition, illustrated by Vincent Proce

May - Unlicensed Disintegration, illustrated by Florian de Gesincourt

June - Aether Hub, illustrated by  Jonas De Ro

July - Reverse Engineer, illustrated by Jason Kang

August - Renegade Rallier, illustrated by David Palumbo

September - Fatal Push, illustrated by Alex Konstad 

The Fatal Push FNM promo has us very pleased and excited.


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