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Aether Revolt PreRelease

Happy Friday the 13th MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, you may be planning on heading in to your local gaming store this evening (we'll be at ours - OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario), we suggest you may wish to take along a decklist featuring Triskaidekaphobia - we don't think there is another Friday the 13th until October when this mucho flavour card will no longer be legal to play in standard format.

Righto -  on to the big thingy - its the Aether Revolt PreRelease this weekend.  Find a game near you at that link we've posted.  

Serious Magic: the Gathering players will have already been soaking up all the great articles put out by the countless MTG strategy websites, but since the crew here at MTG Realm are casual / standard constructed to the core we will sadly admit, we've not kept up with the reviews for limited / sealed.  To that end, we have found a very lovely resource to crash study the limited game before we head off to the PreRelease (in just a few hours from now) - we'll strongly recommend popping over to Limited Power.  This great site organises the reviews of four reviewers and pretty much everything is selectable / custom-able (all real words) so that you can zoom on in to the info you are after.

The only other suggestion we have as you head off to your PreRelease is 'have fun' and good luck.  You may also wish to check the singles market before you make any trades after your games.  Again, there is a number of sites available for you to check the fairness of a trade and we'll suggest that the printable price sheet over at MTG Goldfish may be just the thing -


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