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MTG Easter Eggs

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As you know from our posts over the last 8 years, we here at MTG Realm have great affection not only for 'playability' of a Magic: the Gathering card but also for the storyline (vorthos) but also for the card art.  We are always thoroughly entertained when Wizards of the Coast requests their artists to provide subtle references to either a storyline or another card within their illustration.  

We are definitely fans of these 'Easter Eggs' or sometimes referred to as 'ensemble piece', as is our buddy, fellow dog fancier and 'MTG Art guy' Mike Linnemann (@VorthosMikeover at Gathering Magic.  Take a moment and pop on over to the great Easter Egg for the Conspiracy: Take the Crown card art for 'Expropriate' that Mike had deconstructed in this Gathering Magic article here.

Anywhoos,  as we did not start playing Magic: the Gathering until Lorwyn, we do sometimes miss the hidden gem in a card art, or at the very least, it is a bit challenging (read: fun) to float out the cool references.  Here is the art for 'Treasure Trove' from Exodus, illustrated by Michael Sutfin.  Your challenge is to identify the SIX card references hidden within this card art.

We hope that you would have immediately identified everyone's favourite Silver Golem, Mr. Karn himself, quite prominently featured within image top-right.  

Did you get the others ?

Down the left side of the image:
• Hanna, Ship's Navigator, Invasion
• Skyshaper, Exodus
• Thran Tome, Weatherlight

Down the right side of the image:
• Karn, Silver Golem, Urza's Saga
• Touchstone, Weatherlight

• Null Rod, Weatherlight 

One last note, which is rather witty.

Given Null Rod (an artifact to nerf other artifacts) is on the table, one would expect it to be Kryptonite to Karn and other artifacts within the illustration (which require an activation cost).

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