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Oath of the Gatewatch Previews 12-31

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are wishing you all the very best in the New Year with this, our last post of 2015.  MTG Realm has had a rather busy year again delivering Magic: the Gathering news, previews, deck ideas, and reviews.  Here is a quick summary of our efforts on the main Blog ( -
• 2015 - 183 posts
• 2014 - 246 posts
• 2013 - 254 posts
• 2012 - 300 posts
• 2011 - 255 posts
• 2010 - 259 posts
• 2009 - 281 posts
• 2008 - 151 posts 

You will notice that the number of posts were down slightly this year.  This is due to MTG Realm developing a more robust presence on the Tumblr micro-blogging platform which has a wonderful and mature MTG fan community.  We estimate we've put approximately 500 posts up over 2015 which you can visit on the MTG Realm Tumblr archive over here

Anywhoos, on to the last post of the year - Oath of the Gatewatch previews for 31st December -

Hissing Quagmire - Our first OGW man-land, ETB tapped and producing Black or Green mana with an activation of 1BG to animate a 2/2 Elemental creature with deathtouch - not too shabby.

Deceiver of Form - a 6<> Eldrazi with a 8/8 body with an interesting scry ability to allow your team to become a copy of a creature card revealed.

General Tazri - a legendary human ally for 4W and a 3/4 body with a ETB effect to tutor out an ally to put in your hand.  An activation cost of WUBRG pumps Allies based on the number of colours among your allies - damn sweet Commander material here.

Oath of Jace - a legendary enchantment for 2U with an ETB effect of draw 3 and discard 2 as well as neat beginning of turn effect to scry based on the number of walkers you have.

Vile Redeemer (translation ?) - a 3/3 devoid Eldrazi for 3G with flash.  An activation of a <> gives you a Scion.

Skinning Tendrils - a 1BB devoid sorcery nerfs weenies with a -2/-2 to all critters until turn's end.

Embodiment of Fury - a 4/3 elemental for 3R with trample and giving man-lands trample as well.  Landfall tech animates a target land as a 3/3 haste elemental.

Prophet of Distortion - a 1/2 Eldrazi devoid drone for U and an activation of 3<> to draw a card.

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