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Friday MTG Roundup

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We're very much looking forward to heading down to OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario later this evening to try out the ever-changing and evolving standard metagame against our most recent version of Blue / Red (Izzet) artifacts (RU-Bots) featuring Hangarback Walker and friends.  Earlier this week, WotC staffer Melissa DeTora had posted a very interesting Standard Hardened Scales decklist that Ken Yukuhiro had used.  We're thinking of having some fun with this list in the next few weeks.

Speaking of Magic: the Gathering FUN(!), you have got to check out this article over at MTG Goldfish, titled  Playtest: Magic Origins Clash Pack + $10 Upgrades by 'SaffronOlive'.

As you may have read our post earlier when the 'Armed' and 'Dangerous' decklists were revealed, we were all goo-goo and over-the-top happy about the value that was packed in here.  Anywhoos, with just a small budget of ten bucks and some creativity, Richard and Seth pack in a whole lotta bang for the buck and now have a decent weapon suitable to take to your local Friday Night Magic event.  

Make sure to scroll down and watch the video to see how these new 'n' improved lists battle it out.  Spoiler alert - the game is fairly evening matched for a while but Seth rolls out a victory which I'll put it down to Richards list being a turn or two slower than required going up against Seth's build.

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