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Modern Masters Weekend Coverage

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Although we here at MTG Realm only took part in our local Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, many Magic: the Gathering players took part in something rather special - the Modern Masters Weekend.  These Grand Prix events over last weekend boasted some of the biggest and well-attended  MTG events of the year.  Here are some key stats from Modern Masters Weekend include:

• More than 20,000 fans of the card game Magic: The Gathering participated in a global celebration of the game that spanned three continents.

• An estimated 5,000 fans played in Grand Prix Chiba, Japan; another 5,000 in Grand Prix Utrecht, Netherlands; and an estimated 11,000 played in Grand Prix Las Vegas.

• The weekend included many cosplayers, four weddings, and tournaments as large as 3,800 players.

• Over the course of the weekend more than 40,000 main event matches and thousands of side events were played, over 90 thousand packs of cards were opened, and countless spells were cast.

• An estimated 1 million fans watched coverage of the events across English, Japanese, and Chinese language video streams, and the events generated more than 21,000 tweets.

We've noted a very interesting (and welcome) change in coverage by Wizards of the Coast over the last weekend that Redditor XoXeLo had summarised very well

Also, we think that there has been a wonderful / lovely change in social media coverage headed up by Alison Luhrs (Community Manager for Wizards of the Coast) and others.  Quite specifically, some attention has been moved from off the rock stars at the Top 8 tables to down in the trenches where average players like us (and perhaps you) are forming the foundation of a great, vibrant gaming community.  

Be sure to check out Wizards / WotC pages on Tumblr, FaceBook, and Instagram.  Here's a sampling of a more 'human side' of the lovely recent coverage.


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