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Fate Reforged Fat Pack

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We is excite.  This evening at gaming stores around the world, Magic: the Gathering players will be heading off to Friday Night Magic events to take part in the official launch of Fate Reforged.  We'll be off to FNM at our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario and although we did swing by very, very early this morning (12:01 AM) to pick up a Fat Pack and a couple of boosters, we still do not yet have all the components to assemble our next 60-card weapon to game with - our pre-orders is expected later next week.

Anywhoos, speaking about Fat Packs, as is our custom here on MTG Realm, we've got an unboxing video for you.  For the MRSP of $40, here's what you get -
FAT PACK Contents:
• 9 booster packs
• 1 card box
•  Player's Guide (card encyclopedia)
•  80-card basic land pack
• 1 learn-to-play insert
• 1 Spindown Life Counter
• 2 deck boxes
Aaannnd - here's the vid -

Aaannd here's our pulls -
PACK 1 Foil Dismal Backwater, Dromoka, the Eternal 
PACK 2 Temporal Trespass 
PACK 3 Monastery Siege
PACK 4 Mob Rule 
PACK 5 Foil Supplant Form, Rally the Ancients 
PACK 6 Foil Sultai Runemark, Monastery Mentor (!w00t!) 
PACK 7 Flamerush Rider 
PACK 8 Soulflayer 
PACK 9 Foil Soul Summons, Temporal Trespass
As we had some extra change in our pocket at midnight we also picked up two extra Fate Reforged booster packs and DANG! we were rather happy ->

Have a great time tonight at FNM !  The promo for the release is Sandsteppe Mastodon.

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