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Journey into Nyx - FULL SPOILER

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Before we get started we want to remind you that as we head in to the Easter long weekend, do drop by MTG Mint Card where they are holding a very cool virtual Easter Egg Hunt on their website - crack an egg and you could haul in big credit to your account.  Also, we want to thank for sponsoring our Journey into Nyx Spoiler List page - there you will find card text for all the newest Journey into Nyx cards along with images of mythic rare and rare cards.

The entire Journey into Nyx spoiler was posted earlier on the mothersite.  We did not get to any previews yesterday as we provided an update on the new Conspiracy set - so what we will do now is deliver the last four Rares from yesterday which includes the ones from last nights full reveal.  Let's go -
Revel of the Fallen God, 3RRGG
Sorcery, Rare
Put four 2/2 red and green Satyr creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield.

Spoiler alert if you were already read Jenna Helland's Theros: Godsend Part I and will be reading Part II when it comes out next month - the flavour text here spells it all out.  As for the card, 7 mana delivers 8 power on the field and that ain't too bad.


Skybind, 3WW
Enchantment, Rare
Constellation — When Skybind or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, exile target nonenchantment permanent. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

Sweet art from Igor Kieryluk is sweet.  Interesting static blink effect for non-enchantments which we will need to investigate latter for our Commander builds.

Deicide, 1W
Instant, Rare
Exile target enchantment. If the exiled card is a God card, search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with the same name as that card and exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library. 

Amazing control card and certainly very relevant with the number of enchantment and god cards standard will now have. 


Dictate of Erebos, 3BB
Enchantment, Rare
Whenever a creature you control dies, each opponent sacrifices a creature.

Nice Grave Pack.  The new white / black god Athreos says hello.  Both these in a creature heavy deck would be hilarious.

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