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Ultra-PRO Round Up

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Today we wanted to provide a cross post from MTG Realm on Tumblr in order to catch up with some very lovely Ultra•PRO productsPersonally, we have a variety of sleeves and boxes and have yet to be disappointed.  Anywhoos - Let's check 'em out! -
Magic: the Gathering - Accessories
Yer fav PWs - the Lorwyn 5!  - MTG Ultra•PRO ‘Mana Series 4’ Planeswalker play mats.
Expected to be released in December 2013.
Depending upon which store you go to, this may retail anywhere from $20 to $25.


Magic: the Gathering - Accessories
MTG Ultra•PRO ‘Mana Series 4’ Planeswalker card sleeves and deck boxes.  Expected to be released December 2013.

Accessories - Ultra•pro
Check out this sweet Ultra•PRO Satin Tower Deck Box to get your stack of awesome to your game. 

• It’s heavy-duty construction uses ballistics proof (maybe) rigid plastic.

• This can hold up to a 100+ standard sized sleeved cards.

• Secures your precious cargo with a unique snap lock system.

• Has an accessory compartment for your dice / tokens / opponent’s broken dreams.

This is like an epic three-stage rocket you can blow up your game table with.

Pro Tip - confuzzle your opponent by using a white UPR Satin Tower deck box to carry your mono-black control deck.


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