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M14 Quick Start Decks

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all of you had a great weekend, or if you are in the States, a great Memorial Day long weekend.  Game Day took place over the weekend and all we can say coming out of it is that standard constructed format is healthy and doing great.  We gamed against a variety of different decks won some, lost some but still had a great time and realize we need to pick up a few other cards from MTG Mint Card to make our sideboard a bit more robust.

Anywhoos - we have to catch up and get some more Magic: the Gathering core set news out to you.  Our Magic 2014 Spoiler List now sits at  142 of 249 cards revealed, thanks in a small part to someone breaking open some M14 Quick Start decks.  Like M13, this core set will also have a variety of 30-card preconstructed  sample decks made primarily from common and uncommon core set cards with perhaps a few Return to Ravnica cards thrown in for spice.  These decks are great for learning and come along with a nice learn to play guide.  These are typically handed out at conventions / trade shows, or provided to new players.  

Anywhoos, here's a few new cards we can expect in the M14.



Unknown said...

You know I'm very sad as years go by, the core set has less and less actual reprints from old sets. They're just reprinting the newer cards starting from M10. But this year, with M14, things just took a turn for the worse. Slivers are back, but not the old ones? Grotesquely overcosted spells? Even LESS reprints from older sets? Sheesh Wizards & Hasbro...

I remember looking forward to each new Core Set every year. Hoping to see my old favorite got reprinted. I still remember the online vote, when we have to choose between Utopia Tree + Llanowar Elves and Birds of Paradise. My email for Wizards was displayed there. It was good times indeed. Now? I'm utterly disappointed with core sets. Just hope in the future we can see more of the old favorites back in standard / reprinted to make it easier to get for modern / legacy.

vamp bloodlord said...

the sets that come out kind of screw with peoples themes, i remember when running a rare vampire was amazing, now its like, i just payed X money for this card and i cant even use it anymore, come on wizards, what you need to do is reprint every card thats not legal, and not broken in one huge set, like a clash of all the planes coming together, after spending lots of money to build these decks, its like a gut blow to have to buid an entirly new deck just cause the deck you run isnt legal anymore

Anonymous said...

Hi, can anyone please copy me a link to (or create, if it's not too much work) a list of the cards in the original M14 Liliana Vess 30 card quick-play deck? My son scored one today, but it got all muddled with his new boosters and I'm trying to restore the original deck!

Anonymous said...

My daughter received a 30 card Liliana Vess Starter in her trick organizing treat bag. We would like to learn how to play but are confused by all the different types of boosters, intro decks, and collections. Any advice for total noobs?

Anonymous said...

My daughter got aLiliana Vess 30 card deck in her trick or treat bag and wants to learn to play. All. the different types of intro decks, boosters, and collections are confusing to us noobs and I would like to play with her. Any advice on getting started?

Unknown said...

@FerrellCat what sort of help are you looking for. Which boosters hold what kind of cards? what intro packs are easy to play with? To start i would say play with any core set which are the ones that say m10 m11 m12 m13 or m14. Those sets are the most basic and the easiest to play with. I would recommend getting an intro pack or two from the core sets.
Each intro pack also comes with a free booster pack.

Anonymous said...

@Josh Chambers Thanks so much! Complete and total noob which at almost 40 makes me feel way too old to start becoming a gamer, lol. Sierra, being 10, should have no problem :) Found the store in town who gave the promo cards out (Fastest Dog) so we are going to go play on Fridays there. I think tomorrow we'll go and mostly watch and the owner has 2 sons close to Sierra's age who have been playing for ages and are willing to "mentor" her and show us the ropes. Sounds like fun and I can't wait to dive in. They have a lot of stuff to help stuff her stocking with for Christmas and I at least have a starting place. Will def try the intro packs and boosters. Was given 3 more promo decks so we have been feeling things out at home. Also found rules and apps for her iPad. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Necrodeck T1

3 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
2 Tomb of Urami
4 Strip Mine
2 Wasteland

2 Desecration Demon
3 Juzám Djinn

4 Black Lotus
3 Chaos Orb
3 Mana Crypt
4 Mox Jet
3 Time Vault

3 Necropotence

3 Demonic Tutor
3 Drain Life
4 Mind Twist
2 Pox
4 Sinkhole

4 Dark Ritual
4 Word of Command