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Artifact EDH

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Here in central Ontario, Canada-Land, all that rain courtesy of the rain-bands of Hurricane Sandy has now abated and we are getting snow.  We looked out of the window this morning at our MTG-Realm-mobile to see it covered in white stuff.  At first we thought it could be ash from a nuclear accident but it was worse - snow.  The weather may be craptastic and we've not really see the sun in the past two weeks but we're going to OMG! Games to cheer ourselves up and get take some notes on how our newer standard constructed decks fair against the metagame.

Anywhoos, MTG Realm member RetroTech wanted to build an Commander / Artifact stack.  She had always had a soft spot for artifacts since Alara block.  Here is the linky to some previous posts - Myrball and post-M11 standard arifact builds.  To this end, we all sat down, and given the limited resources of what goodies were on our shelf (essentially almost all of it from sets past Lorwyn), settled on Sharuum the Hegemon as general or commander and started filling in the 99 blanks in an Esper (white / blue / black) artifact-centric strategy.  Let's have a looky-loo at what we've come up with so far.  We encourage you to provide suggestions and we'll start making a list of purchases to make at MTG Mint Card.

Sharuum may not be the best card for the command zone but it at least meets our requirements of being a legendary artifact creature in the correct colours.  We may think of including some blink effects like cloudshift or Ghostly Flicker to maximise artifact recursion from the yard.  Master Transmuter was also an 'auto-include' for either 'comes-into-battlefield' effects or to cheat a high cmc critter into play.
To ensure we tutor the cards we want during game play, we are considering cards such as Treasure Mage, Trinket Mage, Fabricate, Sphinx Summoiner, and Kuldotha Forgemaster.
RetroTech's fav strategy back in the day involved pumping smaller artifacts and swarming.  She typically used Master of Etherium as an anthem / monster or Tempered Steel with Voltaic Key . Unwinding Clock to untap the Overseer and load up with +1/+1 counters again.  With Lodestone Golem on board to punish non-artifact spells, she was often able to outpace opponents.

As we are clearly with artifacts here, why not a
Stoneforge Mystic package?  So far we like Bonehoard, Batterskull, Sword of Body and Mind, Sword of War and Peach, Argentum Armor, Basillisk Collar and that very nasty Quietus Spike.

As we said, we are still early in development on a list and invite your input.  We also have on the table for possible inclusion that monstrous 11/11 Infect Blightsteel Colossus, Platinum Angel, Akroma's Memorial, Magister Sphinx, Myr Battlesphere, Sharding Sphix, Wurmcoil Engine, Eldrazi Monument, and the very unfair Scourglass.



Anonymous said...

*blinkmoth urn
*spine of ish sah is good target with master transmuter (to repeat blow up)
*grand architect
*planar portal
*stonehewer giant
*karn silver golem (target opponents equipment to make them unequip)
*copy artifact

jclrb said...

Maybe add tawno's coffin for the come in play ablity and for defence