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Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Everyone with connection to the interwebz knows that the this high-tech interconnection of computer networks was invented for the soul purpose of posting and sharing cat pictures.  If you disagree, just log off now.  Anywhoos - here's some very droll missing / found cat posters we've been putting up at work, school and around the neighborhood.  We've even been allowed to post them at our local games store, OMG! Games & Collectibles, where at least the MTG crowd there 'get' the humour . . .

Black Cat & Sanctuary Cat from Dark Ascension
Speaking of OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario - do you recall our previous post (HERE) about those very cool double-sided tokens ?  Well, as it is 'Good Friday' here in Canada-Land, most everything, including our beloved Games Store will be closed.  If anyone does score one of these tokens (because you live in a heathen land) and would care to mail 'em to us, we will give you / your store a plug here on MTG Realm - just eMail us and we'll expose ya (in a good way) to our 5,000+ readers a day.
Lastly,Preorder assorted Avacyn card lots at MTG Mint Card - This is the last chance for the early bird discount for the Avacyn Restored uncommon & common card sets.

For as low as $39.99, you can save a bundle.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget stuffonmycat dot com and (for us dog lovers) stuffonmymutt dot com.