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Dark Ascension Top 5s

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

In our next post, we will have 3 different standard constructed casual / FNM builds for you to review which feature the newest hotness from Dark Ascension. These will feature similar iterations on the same Dark Ascension token strategy with such cards as Lingering Souls, Gather the Townsfolk, Sorin Lord of Innistrad and friends. You can help us tweak these decks and make them less derpy more effecient - so look for that in the next post.

For today however, we received our Dark Ascension 4x uncommon / common card lot from MTG Mint Card. This was shipped from Hong Kong on Friday 3rd February and was already in Ontario Canada by Saturday afternoon and subsequently received by us at our igloo in the vast wild wastes of northern Ontario first thing on Monday. Yeah - that was less than TWO business days - that was fast. Sooo - since we now had a chance to look and do some limited playtesting at the kitchen table, we now present to you our picks for the Top 5 Commons and Commons in Dark Ascension. These, we think, promise to make a big splash in casual / FNM standard constructed and may likely even break into the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour scene.

Let's have a looky-lou first at the video -


For those looking at our page at work (we won't tell your boss) behind a corporate firewall burning the YouTube embed code, here's the text run down . .

Top 5 COMMONS : Faithless Looting, Gather the Townsfolk, Scorned Villager, Thought Scour, Tragic Slip

Faithless looting is a rare animal indeed for red providing excellent card draw and library filter. Scorned Villager is the only mana-dork in DKA and once flipped (transformed), gives two slices of green. Gather the Townsfolk is sure to popular for token or human decks, whether pumping up your Champion of the Parish or adding to your horde of b/w tokens. Blue Mages will love to play Thought Scour (likely on themselves) for card draw and graveyard shenanigans. Tragic Slip is versatile spot removal whether it is a small creature or a monstrous threat.

Top 5 UNCOMMONS : Lingering Souls, Stromkirk Captain, Drogskol Captain, Strangleroot Geist, Diregraf Captain

This Top 5 Uncommon List is dominated by the new multi-colour 'Lords'. Lingering Souls is a sure bet to be on a lot of pro-tour deck lists with its great flashback cost and four evasive tokens. The captains - Stomkirk, Drogskol and Diregraf will be a favourite of every casual gamer wanting to provide cohesion to their tribal builds. Strangleroot Geist is one of the best green uncommons we've seen in a while. Many Players will want to insert this into their mono-green build - two mana for a 2/1 undying is great. Think of it more like two mana for two creatures - a 2/1 and a 3/2 and it will win you over too.

Again, stay tuned for the next post as we need your input on the new Dark Ascension token decks we want to run next FNM this Friday at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.

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