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Mirrodin Besieged Event Decks

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Our region just got hammered today with that severe winter storm and we're pretty much buried up to our necks with the lovely white fluffy stuff. One may say that 'Now is the Winter of Our Disco Tent' . . .

Anywhoos - onto business . . .

This post will cover the very last spoiler of Mirrodin Besieged - the Mirrodin Besieged Event decks. These decks feature a 60 card main deck and 15 card sideboard, including 7 rares but no mythic rares. Mirrodin Besieged features two event decks: a Mono-red event deck for the Mirran side ('Into the Breach') of the conflict, and a blue-black deck for the Phyrexians ('Infect and Defile'). These also come with a Spindown life counter and a very neat reusable card box . . . We're rather impressed with the recent WoTC product offerings.

These are expected to be released in time for Mirrodin Besieged Game Day on February 25, 2011 and will have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of around $25 - not too shabby considering the contents - let's look . . .

EDIT : This has now been confirmed on 2/16/2011 here.

Infect and Defile

2 Drowned Catacomb (M11 Rare), 7 Swamp, 10 Island

1 Doom Blade (M11 Common), 1 Hand of the Praetors (SOM Rare), 2 Consuming Vapors (ROE Rare), 2 Contagion Clasp (SOM Uncommon), 2 Deprive (ROE Common), 2 Mana Leak (M11 Common), 2 Phyrexian Vatmother (MBS rare), 2 Smother (WWK Uncommon), 3 Preordain (M11 Common), 4 Corpse Cur (SOM Common), 4 Corrupted Conscience (MBS Uncommon), 4 Foresee (M11 Common), 4 Jwar Isle Refuge (ZEN Uncommon), 4 Necropede (SOM Uncommon), 4 Plague Myr (MBS Uncommon)

1 Doom Blade (M11 Common), 2 Go for the Throat (MBS Uncommon), 2 Smother (WWK Uncommon), 3 Deathmark (M11 Common), 3 Flashfreeze (M11 Uncommon), 4 Negate (M11 Common)

Into the Breach

21 Mountain

1 Contested War Zone (MBS Rare), 1 Iron Myr (SOM Common), 1 Spikeshot Elder (MBS Rare), 2 Darksteel Axe (SOM Uncommon), 2 Devastating Summons (ROE Rare), 2 Galvanic Blast (SOM Common), 2 Goblin Bushwhacker (ZEN Common), 2 Goblin Guide (ZEN Rare), 2 Panic Spellbomb (SOM common), 4 Goblin Wardriver (MBS Uncommon), 4 Kuldotha Rebirth (SOM common), 4 Lightning Bolt (M11 Common), 4 Memnite (SOM Uncommon), 4 Ornithopter (M11 Uncommon), 4 Signal Pest (MBS Uncommon)

1 Leyline of Punishment (M11 Rare), 2 Act of Treason (M11 Common), 2 Into the Core (MBS Uncommon), 2 Unstable Footing (ZEN Uncommon), 4 Goblin Ruinblaster (ZEN Uncommon), 4 Searing Blaze (WWK Common)

If you're looking for a great on-line retailer whom you can put in your Mirrodin Besieged pre-orders, give MTG Mint Card a try. They now have cool MBS spin-down life counters and a great deal for MBS common / uncommon card lots.


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