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CardDrifter Trading Site

I'm taking some time out from the Alara Reborn spoiler analysis to give a plug for the CardDrifter card-trading website. The folks here have been online since 2005 and have over 40,000 cards listed and available for trade. You can send a private message to another trader to negotiate a deal or post an offer for their cards. Your mailing address is kept confidential until the trade is finalised.

Entering your collection is a breeze with an auto-complete function which will mean more time playing Magic the Gathering and less time maintaining your inventory. CardDrifter also stores a complete price guide of all cards, updated weekly using data acquired from completed eBay listings. This heads-up price information is extremely useful in negotiating fair trades and ensuring both traders are getting a good deal.

CardDrifter provides easy access to useful information / tools such as: 'Most popular haves and wants', 'Most viewed cards', and 'Recent listings'. Another feature of CardDrifter is its ability to match users up with other users based on each others haves and wants list. Basically, it does all the work for you!


Also - VERY COOL CONTEST now running . . . Refer all your magic-playing friends to using the referral link provided when you log in. For every friend you refer, you will win an entry into the drawing for the ALARA REBORN Booster Box! Additionally, if you are registering for the first time on CardDrifter, you will automatically win an entry!

Contest will end after 100 people are referred in total, or on May 25th, whichever comes first.

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