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Eventide Excitement

Typically, I am somewhat tentative during the release of new sets and reserve judgment until most of the cards are previewed. It is only after I identify several new preview cards which promise to do very well in on of my existing decks do I start getting pumped about the set as a whole. This excitement usually occurs when I can develop a card combination or some other synergy.

Today as I was reviewing some of the new card yumminess, it became rather obvious that the Eventide card Banishing Knack (common, instant, u) would be very handy with any number of the Shadowmoor cards featuring the untap mechanic.

Specifically, I am thinking about a less expensive card like Leech Bonder. With this Combo, Leech Bonder and Banishing Knack one should be able to return 3 non-land permanents to your opponent's hand while dumping 2 -1/-1 counters on one or two creatures (preferablly ones with persist). All this for 3 mana assuming you played Leeched Bonder on the previous turn.

Another card previewed that caught my attention was Sanity Grinding (rare, sorcery, uuu). With this card's Chroma ability, one is able to mill the equivalent number of blue mana symbols appearing within the top 10 cards drawn from your library. This promises to be quite a weapon within a mono-blue deck. If one were to attempt a combination with Cemetery Puca, you would be able to pick and choose the most advantageous creature card among your opponent's milled pile to further wreak havoc.

One posible defence against this nastiness is of course the Shadowmoor enchantment Wheel of Sun and Moon which will keep cards directed into your graveyard back into your library.

In other news, Wizards has released contents of the new Eventide Theme Decks.
Altough a large number of the cards within these theme decks have yet to be spoiled or officially previewed, it does provide us with a better understanding of the potential combinations and synergies available in this new set.

The other day, I noticed a very interesting piece of Eventide artwork featuring a winged Lion. I now believe that I have the name and it's ability to couple with it.

Divinity of Pride (rare)
Creature - Spirit Avatar
Flying, Lifelink, 4/4
As long as your life total is 25 or more, Divinity of Pride gets +4/+4.

Finally, a quick word about the Planeswalker's Primer videos. Wizards now has the video for Chroma and Retrace available.

- an ability word associated with abilities that count mana symbols of a certain color.
Some new Eventide cards with Chroma shown so far include Sanity Grinding, Primalcrux, Heartlash Cinder, Umbra Stalker, and Outrage Shaman.

Retrace - a keyword meaning "You may play this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card in addition to paying its other costs."
Some new Eventide cards with with Retrace are Flame Jab and Raven's Crime.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming !


Anonymous said...

I really like your idea with Leech Bonder and Banishing Knack. I do wish that Banishing Knack had Retrace. this would really be cool with Leech Bonder especially late game when you have land on the board and in hand.

Marco tartaruga said...

very good!