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Rivals of Ixalan Standard

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

This weekend is the much anticipated Magic: the Gathering PreRelease for the newest set, Rivals of Ixalan.  The best way to enjoy this cold 'n' icy weekend if you find yourself in Barrie, Ontario (an hour north of Toronto) is to attend one of many scheduled Ixalan PreRelease events over the course of the weekend at OMG! Games, conveniently located off Highway 400, near Georgian College in the City's North end.  If you are just getting into MTG and wish to learn more about PreRelease events, click on over to this informative Wizards of the Coast page here

A number of Players that we have been talking to recently have expressed a dissatisfaction with the current dominance of (Kaladesh block) Energy decklists and are looking forward not only to the upcoming new set but anticipating possible ban / restriction announcements anticipated on Monday 15th January.

Whatever does happen, we are still very much looking forward to a number of cards in this set to complete and enhance tribal strategies.  As always, we love to see what the professional players are thinking, an to this end, pop on over to this link for the full HareruyaWayfinder "Rivals of Ixalan" edition from Kenji Tsumura and associates.  Hareuya has been doing this for some time now, and we do look very much forward to seeing their innovative and creative take on the new standard game.

Deck 1 "RW Metzali" by Yoshihiko Ikawa

Deck 2 "RB Pirates" by Pierre Dagen

Deck 3 "UW Control" by Christian Calcano

Deck 4 "UG Merfolks" by Martin Muller

Deck 5 "RG Dinosaurs" by Grzegorz Kowalsk

Deck 6 "Blue Aura" by Atsushi Ito

Deck 7 "Sultai Energy" by Oliver Polak-Rottmann

Deck 8 "GW Ghalta!" by Yuuta Takahashi

Deck 9 "UR Pirates" by Kenta Harane

Deck 10 "Vampire's Monument" by Petr Sochurek

Deck 11 "Jeskai's Gateway" by Kenji Tsumura

Deck 12 "Mardu Aura" by Tomoharu Saito

Deck 13 "Ascending Vampires" by Marc Tobiasch

Deck 14 "Blood Stompy" (Legacy) by Javier Dominguez


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