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Rivals of Ixalan Release

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Rivals of Ixalan releases today, so get thee out to your local gaming store and dive into the new set this evening.  

Although we had a few iterations of an Energy decklist, we really will not be complaining loudly about the recent banning.  We had been waiting for Rivals of Ixalan to release and complete the full tribal theme of Ixalan block.  With Energy in the picture, exploring some great new deck ideas personally curtailed us as we knew what the best list in standard constructed was.  

Where to go ?  Everywhere we think - the MTG Realm play group want to have at least one of each tribe.  

Dinosaurs already had a fairly solid shell in Ixalan and Rivals is bringing new power to the table.  Whether it is naya or gruul, expect big monsters.  We think Boros may be the more popular option.

Pirates have a large number of strategies whether it is midrange / aggro, tempo, or focusing on an ability such as flying (Favorable Winds).  This is one tribe which may not produce a popular tribal decklist due to the options.

Merfolk seem, from gamers we've been talking to, as the more popular tribe to build with.  Whether it is with the +1/+1 counter theme, aggro or go-wide, the best path forward will be determined in short order.

Vampires have a lot of potential as well and a number of very interesting builds have been suggested.  Personally, our first dip of the toe into this new standard is with a mono white vampire build with Oketra's Monument.

Anywhoos, get ready, set, and build.

For now, here are some sensible chuckles from our MTG Realm page on Tumblr


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