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Rivals of Ixalan Art Dump

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

There is another large salvo of Rivals of Ixalan previews out again today which should make Magic: the Gathering players rather happy.  For this post, we wanted to get to a number of new Rivals of Ixalan arts previewed over at Hasbro China (Hasbro CN).  Be sure to pop on over to the mothersite which now has the Rivals of Ixalan card image gallery linked right here.

These are lovely and as usual, Wizards of the Coast looks like they delivered another set with epic arts to fire the imagination and graphically deliver you into the Plane of Ixalan.  There are a few more new pieces over at MTG Realm on Tumblr as well.  Lets get to these now -

Vampires !


Sun Empire


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