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Zendikar Expeditions Spoiler

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We are still rolling through that massive leak of cards which included Oath of the Gatewatch (linky here) and the face cards for Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (linky here).  For today's post to the MTG Realm blog, we are going over all the Oath of the Gatewatch Expedition Land spoilers.  We've gotta say, Magic: the Gathering players are definitely going to love the art that Wizards of the Coast secured for these.

Zendikar Expeditions is a promotional Magic set of 45 foil land cards that are randomly inserted in boosters of the Battle for Zendikar block.  These cards feature a special Zendikari card frame and a separate expansion symbol. Thus, they are not part of the sets themselves. Zendikar Expeditions feature all new art set on Zendikar and will appear slightly more often than premium mythic rares.  For the full list of the previous 25 Zendikar Expeditions, click on over to this link on the mothersite.

For now, here is what the leak has for Oath of the Gatewatch Expedition Lands - we appear to have all now save one -

26.  Mystic Gate
27.  Sunken Ruins
28.  Graven Cairns
29.  Fire-Lit Thicket
30.  Wooded Bastion
31.  Fetid Heath

32.  Cascade Bluffs
33.  Twilight Mire
34.  Rugged Prairie
35.  Flooded Grove (missing)
36.  Ancient Tomb
37.  Dust Bowl
38.  Eye of Ugin

39.  Forbidden Orchard
40.  Horizon Canopy
41.  Kor Haven
42.  Mana Confluence
43.  Strip Mine
44.  Tectonic Edge
45.  Wasteland 


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