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Friday MTG Miscellany

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Currently in our fair city of Barrie, Ontario, the last 24-hours had provided a great and wondrous variety of every meteorological condition - rain, sun, snow, wind and some very brief respites of warmth.  This has not deterred us in our staunch commitment to get down to OMG! Games, the local gaming store tonight for Friday Night Magic.  We currently have three builds ready for standard, a G/W enchant, a B/W midrange, and some unorganised weird R/G creature-centric thingy whose punch line is Ruric-Thar.  Anywhoos - we still don't know which one to grab on the way out.

Righto - Onto today's post to the MTG Realm blog - First up - January's FNM promo was revealed over on the mothersite today - Warleader's Helix!  We have a feeling that this card will see increased play at FNM in the coming weeks.  The new art by Wesley Burt shown with the normal art from Greg Staples below - 

Next up - We are dropping into our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr to see what our other halves were up to this week - 

Magic: the Gathering - Slip ‘n’ Fall
What madness makes the Kor and other denizens of Zendikar think ‘Hey! - What a great day for a climb!’ … it ALWAYS results in a bad day for the climber and a worst day for the cute burrowing critter at the bottom of the gorge.
Flavor Time !
Zendikar - The Makindi Trenches
The Ondu mainland is crisscrossed by a maze of high-walled canyons called the Makindi Trenches. The canyons represent sheer drops down hundreds of feet, some terminating in whitewater rivers, others ending in bare rock. Mana-fueled winds howl through the canyons at odd intervals, making it important for climbers and builders to attach their instruments carefully to the cliff walls.
• Sudden Demise, illustrated by Dan Scott, Commander 2013 rare
• Seismic Shudder, illustrated by Vincent Procee, Zendikar common
• Lavaball Trap, illustrated by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai, Zendikar rare
• Unstable Footing, illustrated by Nic Klein, Zendikar Uncommon
Magic: the Gathering - Stormtrooper
Noted similarity provided by Bhangbhangduc.

Magic: the Gathering - with rules clear as mud
The timing rules changes (effects using the ‘stack’ which replaced the old ‘batch’ system during the games) didn’t go into effect for a month after Classic Sixth Edition came out, which gave people time to get used to the idea of the game changing. To help with the transition, Bill Rose explained the rules in this visual representation of the current timing rules in his “Murk Dwellers” column of Duelist magazine #9 (about the same time that ‘Homelands’ hit card shop shelves).  Images from the mothersite.
God bless Matt Tabak, the current rules guru …
Magic: the Gathering - IDW MTG Comics
Apparently I have a comic book addiction thingy for IDW Publishing’s Magic the Gathering series.  The original series, Spell Thief series, Path of Vengeance series, and the first in the new Theros series.
I swear that eventually, one day, I’ll be ripping off the plastic and actually putting some of these very cool cards into decks … yeah … one day.

Magic the Gathering - Noggin Whack (Morningtide)
Following up on a previous re-post  …
 … .tied to a brick.


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