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L.A. Mood Comics & Games

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope you all had a great Easter long weekendHere's a PSA - make certain you get your April's Fools Day mischievous frivolities underway as time is running out - you'll find some good stuff on the mothersite today.  Our fav 'prank' was the announcement from Wizards of the Coast some years ago on 'Ninja's vs Pirates' Duel Decks.

Anywhoos - We had popped back to our hometown, London (Ontario) for the gathering of the Clan for Easter which did not leave us much time for our fav game.  We did howver have an opportunity to meet Gordon and Carol, owners of L.A. Mood Comics & Games.  These great people have been in the business some 20 years, counting 10 at their present location in downtown London, just a block south of Dundas on Richmond.

L.A. Mood Comics & Games
350 Richmond st. London, Ontario, Canada 
1-888-621-7018 or Local 519-432-3987
Website -
Facebook -
Blog -

If you are looking to play Magic: the Gathering (or almost any other board game / card game imaginable), check them out.  Shortly after taking over the basement for a play-space at their Richmond store, they had begun to cultivate a healthy MTG community.  

L.A. Mood runs events such as PreRelease, Launch, Game Day and of course Friday Night Magic.  With an average of about 40 to 50 gamers for FNM, you should have no problem at all getting your game on.  The play area downstairs can accommodate up to 70 players and we found it to be spacious, well lighted and well appointed.

Although L.A. Mood was primarily a comic book store, Carol and Gordon indicate that games now make up more than half of their business and is anticipated to grow even more as they have now building an eCommerce component where you can now buy singles.  

We're giving two thumbs up for L.A. Mood Comics & Games - an all-around great local gaming store with a solid community.

Don't forget to keep a weather eye on the horizon as we move quite decidedly into another spoiler season as Wizards of the Coast will soon start Dragon's Maze previews.  Check MTG Mint Card often as start getting singles up as they are revealed.

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