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Gatecrash Event Decklists

Happy Monday MTG peeps,Today, over on the mothersite, WotC Monty unveiled the Gatecrash Event Decklists.  Event decks are preconstructed theme decks which have been released since Mirrodin Besieged and offer a more competitive build for Magic: the Gathering players who want to get in more tournament level gaming.  These are released a few weeks after the official launch of the latest expansion set and are delivered hot 'n' ready to your local game store just in time for 'Game Day' events.  Gatecrash Game Day is scheduled to take place on the weekend of 23rd / 24th February and we will likely be picking up an Event Deck at our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario (Obviously the Boros one as we think the Simic one was designed by a 3-year old  -no offense to 3-year olds intended). With results in from 2013 SCG Atlanta tournament, we also now have an idea where the new standard constructed metagame may develop and are planning to pick up a few additional Gatecrash singles from MTG Mint Card.

Anywhoos, let have a look at what an MRSP of $25 will get you with the new Gatecrash Event Decks:
• 1 60-Card Deck
• 1 15-Card Sideboard
• 1 Spindown™ Life Counter
• 1 Strategy Inset
• 1 Card Box

Thrive and Thrash - Simic blue / green with a splash of red

The Simic Combine has a new agenda for a new era: reclaim the recently uncovered seas and then restore the Ravnican wilderness. The "Thrive and Thrash" deck opens the game with a focused effort to quickly develop its available mana. Once you've assembled massive amounts of mana generation, follow through with gigantic monsters and game-winning spells. Your opponents will be helpless against the sheer power of your late-game plays.

23 lands : 2  Evolving Wilds, 10  Forest, 6  Island, 1  Mountain, 4  Simic Guildgate

23 creatures : 2  Acidic Slime, 4  Arbor Elf, 3  Borderland Ranger, 1  Deadeye Navigator, 1  Dungeon Geists, 2  Fog Bank, 1  Gruul Ragebeast, 2  Mist Raven, 1  Sphinx of Uthuun, 3  Strangleroot Geist, 1  Thragtusk, 1  Wolfir Silverheart, 1  Yeva, Nature's Herald

14 other spells : 1  Bramblecrush, 4  Farseek, 2  Ground Assault, 3  Urban Evolution, 4  Verdant Haven

15 sideboard cards : 4  Dissipate, 4  Flames of the Firebrand, 2  Naturalize, 2  Negate, 3  Rancor

Rally and Rout - Boros  red / white

The Boros Legion marches in lockstep across the battlefield. Individually, the troops are disciplined and capable. As a unit, the battalion is nearly unstoppable. The "Rally and Rout" deck hits the ground running with cheap, aggressive creatures. But your assault really kicks into overdrive once you assemble a squad of three or more creatures. At that point, every attack is an overwhelming military exercise. Once your ground troops have softened up your opponent, your battery of long-range burn spells is more than adequate to finish the job.

23 lands : 3  Boros Guildgate, 1  Clifftop Retreat, 8  Mountain, 10  Plains, 1  Slayers' Stronghold

24 creatures : 1  Ash Zealot, 4  Boros Elite, 1  Champion of the Parish, 4  Doomed Traveler, 2  Firefist Striker, 2  Lightning Mauler, 1  Silverblade Paladin, 3  Skyknight Legionnaire, 1  Spark Trooper, 2  Sunhome Guildmage, 1  Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, 2  Truefire Paladin

13 other spells : 2  Boros Charm, 4  Gather the Townsfolk, 4  Pillar of Flame, 3  Searing Spear

15 sideboard cards : 3  Bonds of Faith, 3  Electrickery, 2  Oblivion Ring, 2  Skullcrack, 2  Thunderous Wrath, 3  War Priest of Thune



Marvel Sutantio said...

The Simic deck doesn't even have Evolve. I was wondering why the heck Borborygmos Enraged didn't made it, the deck obviously needs to be even more Gruul *facepalm*

Anonymous said...

I agree. Simic deck, i am dissapoint. Wotc is just like, throw thragtusk in, people will buy.